Send a text message to almost any cell phone.

Most carriers charge you 10 cents to send from your phone - use TXTAT and it's free,.

Stop paying. Start texting!
Now you can send text messages to almost anyone with a cell phone right from your web browser. No more trying to type out messages on a tiny keypad only to be charged for sending a misspelled message.With TXTAT, you can use your regular keyboard and fire off short messages instantly. Try it now!

Make it easy for your friends and coworkers to reach you
Get a TXTAT personal homepage and give them a gateway right to your phone. You don't even need to reveal your number to have people reach you by TXTAT.

Better than email
Running late for a meeting? Want to let someone know that you are just about to leave the office but don't want the bother of a phone conversation? TXTAT is your solution.

Checking email is a pain.
Include your TXTAT personal page in your signature file and give people the option to reach you without the need for a drawn-out conversation or the hassle of having to check spam-clogged email boxes. TXTAT messages are delivered almost instantly to the handset and don't need to be retrieved off a server, so they are right there, ready to be read!

Simple to use
Include your personal TXTAT page in your email signature to let your colleagues know how to reach you fast! It's a tiny url so it's easy to remember.

Joe McIntire
Need to send a short message?

Don't feel like getting into a conversation? Heard a good joke?—don't call—send a TXTAT message!

Get you own TXTAT home page for just $9.99 per year.

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Get your own home page for just $9.99 per year
and let you friends message you for free*

*Some carriers may charge for incoming SMS messages.
  Cell phone numbers are never displayed to other users.

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